Pasture Raised


Robariah Farms raises pastured ducks for eggs. Our flock has daily, free-range access to pasture, running water, and supplemental grain.

We raise a variety of breeds to harvest a range of duck eggs. Ducks eggs are known for their deep rich flavor and offer greater nutritional value than chicken eggs gram for gram. Because most duck eggs are slightly larger than a standard chicken egg, one duck egg can generally be used for every two chicken eggs. Whether you bake, scramble, or fry them up, you will love the taste, consistency, and value of our duck eggs.

Robariah Farms' duck eggs are seasonally available and can be found at local groceries, farm stores, and coops.


Atlas Farm Store, Deerfield, MA

Green Fields Market, Greenfield, MA

River Valley Market, Northampton, MA

Millstone Farm Market, Sunderland, MA