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"It's the best I've ever had!"

- Batshua bat Yehonatan

"Our customers say they are delicious! Including one customer that bought 15, and she may well buy some more from the ones remaining. I had a couple myself and they are exceptional."

- Alex Khitrik, Owner of Inna’s Kitchen

"It's so rare that we truly know where our meat comes from and how it was raised. But with the chickens we got from Robariah Farms there was nothing we didn't know. And they tasted great! It's really been a terrific experience that we plan on repeating next year."

- Sam K. Weber

"I have been roasting the chickens we get from Robariah Farms. They are very delicious, tender, and my 5 year old daughter loves the taste."

- Andrea Newman

"Your chickens are the best I've had! I mean, it's hard to eat other chicken after I've had yours. I certainly don't like to buy any other chickens, just the ones from your farm. "

- Rachel Barbanel-Fried, Psy.D.

Grant Award Winner!

Robariah Farms was awarded a 2015 grant from the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education organization. The grant will support our proposed research project titled, Bringing Local Back to Kosher: A New Pathway for Sustainable Poultry Processing. In 2015 we will pilot local kosher poultry processing and publicize our results in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment.